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Cervical cancer, an African disease

June 9, 2011


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Cancer is usually referred to as a disease of the Western World, but the truth is cancer affects people in poor countries more than anyone else. Cervical cancer is particularly prevalent in developing countries, which count 80% of the cases. In Sub-Saharan Africa, where sexual risk behaviour also counts for high rates of sexually transmitted […]

To think about, even if not infected

June 1, 2011



“Until I had an abnormal smear test I never thought much about the screening programme.” So far I have received many emails from readers of this project. Experts have shared their knowledge and research, whilst patients have shared their experience. All patients who have contacted me have had some kind of personal experience related to […]

From The Guardian: Should boys be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus?

May 29, 2011


Deciding which HPV vaccine – if any – to use in a specific country requires financial, social and cultural considerations. My most recent blog post on The Guardian Science Blog discusses the question whether men should also be vaccinated against the virus. A recent study has shown that most British doctors would give Gardasil to […]

From The Guardian: How do you choose the best vaccination against cervical cancer?

May 27, 2011


My thoughts on the balance between both HPV vaccines have been published on The Guardian Science Blog. I wrote about the relevance of genital warts in young people and how the choice of a vaccine could have a cultural dimension. I also clarified why the UK Government didn’t follow the recommendations made by the Joint […]

Men at “increased risk” of HPV

May 23, 2011


Anne Szarewski

When I interviewed Dr Anne Szarewski, a clinical consultant at Cancer Research UK, she raised interesting points with regards to the effect that HPV has on men. Ideally, she would vaccinate all the boys with Gardasil and all the girls with Cervarix. Listen to this bit of our interview to find out how and why. […]

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