Opening the discussion

The Cancer-Screening project is now open to your thoughts. Whether you want to comment on my interviews with experts, to ask questions about the presented data or to share your own experiences, make sure you write it down.

If you would rather not write your comments in English, you can do it either in Portuguese, German, French or Spanish, and I will make sure they are accurately translated.


One thought on “Opening the discussion

  1. Dr Chris Steele

    Congratulations, Debora, for looking into this anomaly. Cervical screening starts at 20 in Scotland and Wales but not in England – why? The ACCS (Advisory Committee on Cervical Screening) decided in 2009 that screening women under 25 does more harm than good – can you believe that? There is nothing more harmful than dying from cervical cancer when you’re under 25, leaving behind one or two young children!
    Four weeks ago I had the names of 4 young women under 25 with cervical cancer I now have 52, of which several are dead.
    I’ve been a GP for 40yrs and I’m disgusted by the current refusal of the Dept of Health to screen the under 25s – a group where there is an increase in the prevalence of HPV infection, sexually transmitted infections and pregnancies. These women are therefore at increased risk of cervical cancer and yet are too young for cervical cancer screening and too old for the cervical cancer vaccination! See my campaign on
    You have my email address so contact me as I have information that will help with your project.

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