The key cervical cancer questions

These are some of the main questions I aim to investigate:

  • What is the incidence of false positives and unnecessary treatment for cervical cancer?
  • What is the difference between the Gardasil and the Cervarix vaccines?
  • Should men be vaccinated?
  • Are there any cervical screening programmes running in Africa?
  • Is it cost effective to run screening and vaccination programmes in tandem?
  • What is the scientific evidence that governments are based on to implement cancer prevention programmes?
  • What is the link between HPV and other types of cancer?

Feel free to add any questions.

Picture courtesy: Jan Christian, Creative Commons


2 thoughts on “The key cervical cancer questions

  1. Débora,

    I applaud your efforts to generate a public discussion about screening issues.

    For the past five years, our project has analyzed health news coverage and we have witnessed many inaccurate, imbalanced, incomplete messages about various screening tests.

    Your key questions provide a good starting point for a discussion on this topic.

    Best wishes in your continued efforts with this project.

    Gary Schwitzer

  2. Great work you are doing Debora. From our work since 2008 i can be able to answer most if not all your questions. We have a Screening Program in Nigeria that Involves Cervical Cancer Screening. We have all the screenings we have done documented, and since we started screening in 2010 we have screened over 2,000 women. We use VIA,VILI and Pap Smear.

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